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Warehousing and Fulfillment: 
Mail Action Will Fulfill Your Needs

Warehousing and fulfillment is one of Mail Action's many areas of expertise. Mail Action can store, pack and organise all types of material for any duration of time.

Stock is housed in a clean and secured environment. Mail Action has systems in place - monitored alarm, security fencing and stock insurance - to provide peace of mind for our customers.

Stock is managed using an inventory control system, which facilitates Mail Action's efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out various stages of the warehousing and fulfillment process.

Mail Action also offers various other services to complement fulfillment work, such as collating and wrapping. Distribution and delivery can also be organised at a minimum cost, ensuring that you receive the most economical package.
Staff at Mail Action are experienced at picking, packing and assembling materials and are supported by a knowledgeable management team.

Warehousing & Storage
Is your space compressible? Mail Action is the place to be, storing your mailing stock. We promise confidentiality agreements at our company. Our facilities are secure and ideal for long term or respite storage of all your mailing needs.

Service includes:

  • Storage of Envelopes
  • Storage of Brochures
  • Storage of Books
  • Storage of CDs, Disks

Mail Action offers a full spectrum of services that can be synchronised to
meet your needs. Orders and requests can be taken by phone, fax or email to suit your requirements, making the service experience more convenient for the customer.

Mail Action operates 5 days per week, 8.00am to 6.00pm normal hours and are available if required additional hours.

Transactional Account
Confidential printing of invoices, bank statements and phone bills. We have professional accountants and graphic designers hand-in-hand designing client’s invoices to ensure they meet the best standard.


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