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introducing new and innovative
“Intelligent Mail Processing Machine”

What is Intelligent Mailing?
Mail Action proudly announces our new and Intelligent Mail processing technology machine. It can be aligned to suit any complex or simple mailing application. The Machine is capable of producing input and output up to 5,000 finshed products per hour. It can read, track, verify, encode and scan throughout the process.

Why use
intelligent Mailing?

We process quality mail for customers in a fast productive manner, eliminating error and reducing the cost of the finished mailing.

  • Error Free
  • High Speed Mailing at up to 5,000 finished products per hour from each work stream
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • Intelligent Transactional Processing of Invoices, Group Certificates and more
  • Intelligent Folding
  • Intelligent Inserting
  • Intelligent Collating and Sorting
  • Intelligent Printing Supply
  • Intelligent Matching of Documents
  • Intelligent Database Management - De-duplication, Verification, Creation
  • Complete Fulfillment and Distribution
  • Australia Post Barcoding (AMAS)
  • Bulk Postage Rates


“Intelligent Mail Processing Machine


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