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Database Management
Having the latest upgraded innovative technology, Mail Action assists clients with database management. The Software is capable of analyzing, sorting, verifying and de-duplicating data records from your database which delivers a positive and accurate result. We know how precious and valuable your data is. Database accuracy is crucial.

  • Database Creation – building data from scratch to finish; data entry.
  • Database De-Duplication – capture de-duplication database either by Name, Address, and Company, Postcode, or capture the unwanted figure, then correct it.

Mail Collection / Return Mail
Analyzing of your return mail and find the solution in time; to prevent its occurrence repeating. Hence, resolving it by updating the database for the next mailing.

Affixing Self Adhesive Labels
 Mail Action creates your very own self adhesive labels that suit your business needs.

Australia Post Barcoding (AMAS)
The Addressing Matching Approval System (AMAS) is designed to improve the quality of an address. AMAS is a software approval program that provides a standard by which to rest and measure the quality of address matching software and its ability to correctly assign a unique Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) to each address record.
The benefit includes:

  • Effective business tool
  • Save time and money on delivery
  • Creates an impression – envelopes or documents containing a barcode appear more professional to customers.

Email and SMS Campaign
 With the cutting edge technology of today’s society, Mail Action recognizes the changing of some of our clients’ needs. Why is it handy? Sending SMS or Email provides convenience to your client in speed of light, a ‘reminder’ about the event, conference or special promotion. Your client would never miss an important appointment or conference again.

Plastic Wrapping
By wrapping your magazine, brochure or other important items, it protects your items
from poor weather. Another benefit, it provides an appearance that makes your clients admire how professional your business is. Using plastic wrapping gives visual impact to the product inside. We provide standard plastic and degradable plastic wrapping for the safety of our environment. 

Handline Work
Production line capable of handling processing mail in handline procedure. By complying with procedure, it minimizes any risk of fault to ensure positive result.
  • Kit Assembly
  • Collating
  • Training Manuals’ Assembly
  • Pick & Pack of point-of- Sale Items.

Folding manually from

  • A3 to DL
  • A4 to DL

Mechanical Inserting and Sealing
Intelligent Mailing machine is compatible with your deadline demand because it is capable of accomplishing the sealing and inserting of job efficiently. Mechanical inserting and sealing can be achieved in one process.

  • Mechanical Folding of Letters, Brochures & Flyers
  • Mechanical Insertion of Mail Items into Envelope (C4 to DLX)
  • Machine Inserting DLX up to 6 items
  • Machine Inserting A5 up to 4 Items

For all your printing requirements, we offer fast and efficient solutions, guarantee quality digital printing in both color/ black & white available:

Inkjet Addressing Systems
Direct Addressing onto…

  • Envelopes
  • Cover sheets
  • Flyers
  • Postcards – matt finish
  • Quick heat drying for semi gloss stock
  • Size: A5, A4, A3

Print Management
Digital/Offset. Client can use own printer or Mail Action will manage print requirements.

Laser imaging / printing Simplex & Duplex (Colour)
Laser Printing is the ultimate printing quality and sophisticated achievement. It is ideal for marketing materials, i.e., for instance promotional packaging, magazines, booklets or signs.

Black and White Laser (Simplex & Duplex)
Laser Printer is capable of achieving speeds 100 pages per minute. Yet it has a very competitive cost and quality assurance is excellent.

Envelope Printing
High or low volume of printing range from 500 to 1000s quantities. Hence, it can be tailor made according to client’s demand.

Faxing Service
Up-to-date equipment and highly trained staff available at your service.

High volume with stapling facilities available.

Mail Merging and Printing
Professional printing. Accurate every time.

Householder Preparation & Delivery
Mail Action offers a very special mail service and directly distributes to Householders. Mail Action strives to be unique in mail and offers services that other mailing companies are unable to deliver. Thus, providing special discounts to lower price for householder drops. Don’t miss your chance. Opportunity not to be missed.

Bulk Postage Discount Rates
Mail Action is an associated company to a Bulk Mail Partner and can therefore offer you more competitive rates.


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